Monday, January 18, 2010

Welcome to Slugville

I have been a complete and total slug this weekend - the first time I went outside the house was this afternoon to go to the store. I think my last two weekends of 16 hour drives and frenetic pace finally caught up with me. I feel bad because I barely saw cuz her last two days - okay so I didn't see her at all. I'm sure she had fun exploring the city but I feel like I abandoned them. I did have fun with B, cuz's youngest son, though - played WOW for way longer than is probably healthy LOL. He's an awesome kid - I'm old enough to be his mother so I feel more like an aunt than his cousin. I'm definitely the cool aunt thought LOL! Mom and Dad are going to kill me when he starts begging for a WOW subscription - sorry guys!!
Back to work tomorrow so I'm trying to drag myself back into the land of the living. I so don't want to right now. Ugh.

1 comment:

  1. yep.. got in the truck asking for that subscription!! LMAO!! he had such a blast with you cuz! i think he would've stayed with y'all if we let him! and no worries.. you didn't abandon us. we both know how tired and worn down you are, and completely understood. it was a relaxing weekend for all of us! :D
    p.s. know what ya mean about land of the living.. happy to be hibernating myself!