Wednesday, January 13, 2010

I had forgotten...

how much I hate the first weeks of AI - such crap. It irritates me how patronizing this show is and yet I watch it, what does that say about me? At the moment I'm too tired to really contemplate my hypocrisy.
Today is the beginning of my weight loss journey - this one will have to be successful because my health really does depend on it this time. I did 22 minutes of Wii Fit tonight, warmed up with the balance games and then did some aerobics and yoga - oh my abs! Drinking water now - it's going to take some effort and attention to not come home and grab a beer and lay down in front of the TV. Bad habits aren't created overnight but in this case they're going to have be broken overnight. At least I have help and support at home - and people who will kick my ass if I don't listen to the doctor.

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