Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Saturday 1/9/10

Second day in the studio, this AM we're tracking vocals, considerably less deafening - hehe. I have the funny feeling I'm going to be bored by this song by the end of the day and 40 times hearing it but it's still pretty cool that I'm here at all. Who knew that a part of my family that I hadn't seen in 30 years would become so intricately a part of my life now. I've been cut off from most of my family for so long, probably because of my reclusive parents but it's almost hard to know how to act around them because of that. I've recently discovered that I have a problem showing and accepting affection, I've realized how much it's effected parts of my life - I haven't let people in and I don't know how yet. I want to learn and I'm trying to figure it out but it's a little scary. Ugh. I keep digressing into randomness, oh well LOL no apologies. We're on the 5th run through and she keeps getting better, finally putting some some real heart into it and it's mind blowing in the best way. She is scary good. It's a lot more mellow today in the studio without the musicians but at least my ears aren't numb :-)

Much later in the afternoon now - had to go on a gopher run to break the monotony because even though I love the song 20 times is enough to drive even the most ardent fan a little nuts. I will say it's a fun atmosphere in here - I've never been in a "session" before so I don't have any references but there's a lot of laughing going on, pretty great vibe if you ask the fly. The producer (wifie) and the mom (mamma cuz) are conspiring on how to get the emotion out of GE - LOL. I'm busy watching the lava lamp bubble and swirl and reading Twilight for the 2nd time. Go Team Edward ;-)

Back at the hotel - today was amazing. The vocals are done and they are kick ass! Tomorrow we do filler guitars and percussion because we even got the harmonies done today :-) We had a good dinner at IHOP, everybody said we started a new tradition, going there after a good session. The girl is already in bed, Mom's on the puter and watching Dallas cream Philly, Producer is next to me having a drink and watching the game too. I wish I understood football, well okay so that's actually not true...if I really did I would. I guess I just wish I understood the point of a bunch of men trying to beat the crap out of each other over a funny shaped ball (sorry Deniz). And what the hell is a down, no one can seem to articulate it in a way that makes me understand or give a damn. Hell, when did Keith Brooking get traded to Dallas....do they trade in football or is that just baseball? Hmm...another pointless ball game I can't play LOL. EEEEEWWWWWWW!!! some stupid football player just spit on the sidelines - what the hell is that about?! LOL - OK maybe 3 screwdrivers and a very exciting day cause for interesting though pathways. Oh crap, it's 11:30pm!! How'd that happen? I just checked and it's was 10:30 - what the hell happened to that hour :-( I guess it's true that time flies when you're having fun :-) Night all - love ya!

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