Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Being sick sucks :(

Just poking my head in to say hi and then crawling back into bed and praying this cold goes the hell away. I've been sick since Saturday, waaaaahhhhh. Yep, full on self pity mode. It's sucking all the motivation and creativity out of me and leaving a blob in it's place that just wants sleep and eat. Sooo productive. NOT.

Friday, February 1, 2013

Calgon take me away!

I need a vacation. I don't mean the kind where you run around sightseeing and shit I mean the hole up in a hotel room for 4 days and sleep kind. I need to be in a different city for a minute, I haven't left Atlanta for an actual vacation (weddings definitely don't count) since 2008. Yep, 4 freakin years. I'm tired. My batteries are on the fritz. I love my work but it's kind of all consuming, I've never had a baby but I would imagine that it's somewhat similar (minus the blinding pain that is). You spend your time carefully baking the cake so to speak, putting everything you are into making sure it's ok and then in one whirlwind week you finalize and export your project and pray the world is gentle with it. Then you're left kind of gutted. Your baby is born and in my case now in the hands of its real parents (i.e. the director LOL) and you're left kind of wandering around missing it and yet so freakin relieved that it's gone it's not even funny. Very at odds with yourself and the world, which you have completely neglected during the process and now have to reintegrate into. I'm working on roughly 3 hours sleep so if I haven't mentioned in my prior post I'm a video editor, a baby one still trying to figure out what the hell I'm doing, but making my way nonetheless. I'm not one of those people that can separate themselves from their work, whether I was on set or not, helped write it or not, or even whether I've even met the cast/crew, etc. I care. I want the baby to bake up to a pretty and delectable cake - hmmm..maybe I need cake. Oooh. Cake. Yeah, did I mention I need a vacation? Sigh......