Saturday, April 10, 2010


Spring has officially sprung and the pollen is out in full force. Everything is coated in a thick layer of yellow and breathing feels like I'm in a chalk factory. I feel dirty just walking out the door, yuck! On the bright side the weather is gorgeous. Temps are lovely, not swelteringly hot yet, and we've only had one day of rain lately. Welcome back sun! Yay! Life is also blooming. I can definitely feel the shift from the darkness and inactivity of winter to the more active time of the year. I'm exercising a lot more, we've starting doing an ab routine along with the cardio stuff and my poor abs are screaming obscenities at me as I write this. It hurts to keep myself upright LOL! I know the pain is worth it, I just have to get through it and soon I will start seeing the slimming effects. I haven't been able to see my feet while I'm standing up since my early 20's so I'm sure the day that happens again will be an emotional one and I am more than excited to get there.
I've also got a big work thing going and I have a month to get prepared for it an I'm terrified (it's an exam and I'm not a big fan of tests). I had to finally give myself a deadline or I would keep procrastinating forever but I just hope I can get it done. I'm also feeling the writing bug again, YAY!!!!! I'm nervous to get started with it again, I have so many ideas running around in my head like spastic butterflies that I don't know how to rein them all in. That's the fun part though, pinning them all down and seeing which ones work and which ones don't, it's just a daunting task.
All in all I'm excited to feel like I'm back with the land of the living!