Friday, January 22, 2010

Time flies..

whether your having fun or not! LOL ;-) How the hell did it get to be Friday already? This week has been a blur - especially yesterday, up at 5am (ugh) and didn't get in bed until midnight. Long day is an understatement. I got pretty great sleep last night so if it weren't so cloudy and cold outside I'd be in the perfect mood, as it is I'm in a pretty good one. Even considering I have to go get my tags done today in two different counties...because my mom is on my loan as primary and she lives in another county I have to pay taxes there and fill out some stupid form and then come back to my county and get the actual tag sticker. Yeah it doesn't make sense to me either but whatever. I'll update you all as to how it went tonight...keep your fingers crossed ;-)

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