Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Sunday 1/10/10

WARNING - not a good day - thank the hormones for this one - a touch more anger and cursing than usual ;-/

Oh Fuck. Today is apparently one of those days I don't need to be interacting with humans. First off my period came last night, thanks ever so much, and my hormones are raging. Everything and I do mean everything is pissing me off right now. Even the fact that it's so bright and fucking sunny outside today - why can't the weather match my mood - I don't feel like that's asking too much. All of us are a little touchy today - except perhaps my wife (also known as Producer girl), and feelings are a little too close to the surface for sanity. Sigh...some days I wish I still smoked. At the moment we're tracking guitars and by "we" I mean out of 6 people in the room 2 of them are actually working LOL. I think musicians have this bizarre ability to be sexy regardless of what they actually look like as soon as they pick up an instrument - so unfair! Anyway...this part is pretty boring but that is probably mostly due to my mood. I'm also not looking forward to another 7-8 hour drive back home, although at least it's not raining. I'll probably actually appreciate that stupid sun once I'm driving.

I am in full fly mode today - they're all talking about who knows what and I'm over here scribbling my rantings and observations - I guess I'm projecting that fuck off vibe pretty well. It's days like this that my irritation and if I'm being honest jealousy are hardest to ignore. I feel like I've never and probably won't ever do anything as cool as this. True or not that's how I feel today. Good grief now I'm irritating myself with all this whining. If I want to make something happen it's up to me - I should just enjoy this experience and get over myself.

Ahhhh!! I think I've finally gotten to the point where I could stand not to hear this song for a few days. Especially this little part they're trying to get the guitar part right for & I've heard like 20 times. Ugh! The lava lamp looks like a jelly fish right now - in an hour or so it'll take on sort of a scrambled egg appearance and finally by the end of the day it'll finally look like it's supposed to with the bubbles. Heh - how's that for randomness.

Have you ever had to sit somewhere and look the outside like you're peaceful and calm but on the inside you are literally screaming. Most of the time I can ignore people's BS but today I just don't have the patience to filter it out. The Engineer is pissing me off at the moment - he acts like because he can push the stupid little buttons that everyone else in the room is a mere nuisance and we should be happy that he allows us in his presence. WTF. Right not I'd gladly take one of his guitars and bash him over the head. But he's my wife's best friend and I can't so I have to keep my mouth shut and channel the fly. Has anyone ever actually exploded from anger?

Long, long, long drive but luckily uneventful - got in around 2am. Too tired to think. Hopefully tomorrow will be less colored by the hormone monster.

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  1. was a great weekend.. and i so love your account of things! great post cuz!!