Thursday, August 22, 2013

What the hell

What is wrong with people lately? Is it just "Let's Disappoint Heather Month"??? I know I'm probably too trusting but damn. They are all people I care about, would actually consider them all closer than family and they're all acting like selfish asshats right now. I can't say that too loud, I spent the better portion of my late teens and early 20's being a selfish bitch but hell, who isn't at that age. I'm tired of taking the high road and not blasting them into orbit, tolerance only goes so far before all your doing is just taking it up the ass. So, since I can't say this to each of them I'm going to say it here: #1 - DUDE, you are an adult. You're just getting a divorce (again), you are too old and supposedly too together to pull this denial and lying bullshit. You're causing drama where there doesn't need to be and your HURTING people, not just your freaking wife but your kids and your friends. You know, the people who have BEEN THERE with you, standing with both of you and now you decide to freak out just because things are changing? Fuck you. Grow a pair. #'s 2&3 (married couple) - Love ya'll, I do, but damn. You're acting like a pair of spoiled, selfish, judgmental brats. STOP IT. You don't get it. This shit isn't ABOUT YOU nor will it ultimately effect you all that freaking much so WHAT THE HELL? Grow the fuck up. #4 - DUDE. You are a professional. The people you claim to be in business with made a commitment to finish a project. You made a commitment to us. Therefore it is your job to shut up and finish the project in the timeframe the client needs it whether or not you get paid for it. It's the entertainment business, we do shit for free so we can get the experience so people will trust us with their vision. It's art for fuck's sake, you don't take that lightly. Man up or get the fuck out.

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