Friday, July 2, 2010

How life changes...

I was reading through my last post (over a month ago, squeak!!) and I'm marveling over the changes that have taken place since then. To update everyone, I failed the damn test. This created a full on re-evaluation of my life and it's direction. I knew I would have to commit at least 6 months and more than a few dollars to taking a full scale class to pass the exam and it became increasingly clear that I was not willing to do that. I also discovered that regardless of any certifications my job description was not going to change and I would not make the amount of money that is standard for that type of cert. so I had to make a decision. I have since quit my job and am now working full time with my wife's company. We've always done better when we focus our combined energy on a task so despite the serious financial concerns we're going for it. I'm adjusting to the somewhat more relaxed atmosphere both at home and at work. I'm also having a hard time with adjusting to different expectations. I'm used to having a set task list, once you're done you've done your job and here it's more fluid than that and I feel very obligated to get things done and not be a hinderance so it's a little more stressful in that regard. She has of course assured me that I'm doing great but we always put more pressure on ourselves than others do. I am enjoying it though, the other day was so freeing to be able to run out in the middle of the day and run errands for the office and get dinner too, then be home at a reasonable hour and cook. Very cool in my book :-)
My book has taken somewhat of a back seat recently with everything going on, I'm a little overwhelmed with the project at the moment which isn't all that unusual. I've reread the whole thing and I was surprised at how much I rushed through, like I was trying to get all the ideas in my head down without fleshing them out and it shows. There's so much I want to expand on and I really want to head in a slightly different direction with it, it's a little too sci-fi right now and I'm really going for more alternate reality than that. I want it to feel like what's happening in the book could happen to you, not necessarily the end but the journey so that the end is kind of shocking and thought provoking. Maybe now with my new schedule I can settle into a writing routine!

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