Saturday, July 24, 2010

It’s 10:30am on a sleepy Atlanta Saturday morning and I’m sitting in a warehouse rehearsal space with the wife, the artist and our family waiting on musicians for the band auditions. We are all currently praying that the turnout today is better than yesterday. This shouldn't be too difficult…we had one guy come yesterday. Not to say yesterday wasn’t fun, GE got a lot of rehearsal time in with a stage, lights and microphone – it was so cool watching her up there, she’s like a little sun that everyone revolves happily around. We are all a little bleary eyed this morning though so I’m hoping a little more excitement in the way of great musicians comes our way today. More later as things progress 
Well after a loooooong morning we finally got some action around 4pm – a drummer and a guitarist! Two different people, not all in one LOL. Nice guys and very talented. We’re all kinda dragging so it was nice to have some energy infused. The 6pm appt is here now which should help too 
Sigh…it’s now 6:46pm and I’m really tired of listening to this guy and his negative know it all crap. Yes he’s talented but if I hear him say MONEY one more time I may have to kill him. Of course we want to make money but if you put the music first the money will come – now shut the hell up dude, you sound like an ass.
Yikes – it’s 10:15pm and we’re still here. It’s a good thing though, the last guy to come in is a drummer and we had to wait for him to go get his kit – it was worth the wait  We’ve called back our fave guitarist and we’re currently waiting on him to get here so they can jam together and see if there’s a good vibe. I’m going slightly deaf…okay so more than slightly! The drummer is awesome if a bit quiet, he seems a little shy despite our efforts to get him to break a smile.
Yay – the guitar guy is back and setting up – it’s about 10:30pm now – we’re all tired and really punchy which is hilarious because we’re laughing at the dumbest shit LOL! Guitar guy is still setting up – his poor girlfriend that got pulled out of the shower by our request for a call back is I’m sure wondering who this insane crowd of people is. Lordie my brain is mush right now – I just spent a good couple minutes with my fingers hovering over the keys forgetting how to form words. Oh well, at least I’m still having fun!
11:45pm. Still here. 13 and a half hours. Great music. Great vibe. No make that amazing. Some kinks but time will heal all. Very tired and ready to go to bed.

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  1. cuz.. i couldn't have said it better myself!!