Wednesday, March 24, 2010


If you haven't caught on yet that lovely is dripping with sarcasm. I have discovered that medical coding, while mind numbingly boring, is a sign of the apocalypse...okay so maybe that's a bit drastic but it is a strange metaphor for everything that is wrong with our species at this stage of our evolution. {Do NOT comment to me regarding evolution vs. divine whatever, just DON'T} We nit pick things to death, and if you haven't looked at medical coding recently then you have no idea what I mean but trust me on this it is the most nit picky thing ever invented. Then there is health insurance, an utterly ridiculous idea that most civilized and uncivilized countries don't use. Why do we do this?? Money. The worst invention ever created by any sentient species in the universe. It is truly the root of all evil (well that and the blind insistence that my God is better than your God). If it weren't for money we probably wouldn't be as technologically advanced but I can almost guarantee we would be happier and more well adjusted. We have sacrificed happiness for money. I have some faith left in humanity and still believe that we would make the advances necessary without the financial gain part of it but then perhaps I'm just naive. Perhaps I'll stay that way because the day I stop believing that is the day I give up.

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  1. you are one complicated little cookie. ;) [takes one to know one!]