Monday, February 15, 2010

Losing a friend

There are no words to explain what it's like when you have to say goodbye to one of your pets. My sweet cuz had to experience that today with her "grumpy old man" and while I try to offer my love and condolences I know first hand how little those words help. I've had to say goodbye to many a friend and I can honestly say it's no easier than saying goodbye to your human friends and family. The heart loves no differently, at least not in my experience, and when your loved one is separated from you it rips away a part of you. Time, in my opinion, does not heal all but it does ease the agony at least. I will never forget or stop loving my babies. So this post is dedicated to the sweet darlings of our past; Grey Kitty, Daisy, Muffy, Franky, Arty, Ashley Bear, Steamer and today's sweet baby Maddox. May you all rest is the most blessed of peace and I hope we meet again.

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