Thursday, February 10, 2011

What is the damn deal...

Why is it when I want to write I am nowhere near a computer or pen and paper bigger than a fucking post it note but when I have absolutely NO desire to write I have everything at my finger tips and feel really really really guilty for not wanting to write. Whew - how's that for a run-on sentence! LOL...anyway...
I did finally finish the "outline" for the book - I use quotation marks because it's not a traditional outline that you learned in English class. I guess it would be more of a timeline than an actual outline but I've finally figured out where I'm headed with the story so I'm happy. I now have to decide what the final twist will be, I really want that feeling that the world just dropped out from under you when you read the last chapter. I think that will come as I write the rest - I just have to keep an eye out for it in my head as I play with it.
Now to the confession part of this stupid post...I haven't actually written anything other than the timeline in months. There I've said it. Now, what to do about that? I need a deadline but I have to have a consequence if I fail the deadline...any ideas?


  1. Interesting. I am writing something at the moment and also missed a deadline I had set myself. For me the carrot and stick approach and looming deadlines stumped my creativity. So I just set myself small achieveable goals and stopped looking at the big picture. I just wrote the parts I wanted to write and worried about making the whole work later. Funnily enough I ended up writing something else that I liked even better!

    If you do need a stick though I'm sure one of your other readers can come up with some suitable suggestions!

  2. yep.. miss the deadline and NO WINE for a MONTH!!! :P

  3. Good luck with the book :) I love when a twist comes out of nowhere and kicks you in the face. Just out of curiosity, how did you get the big picture header kind of thing in the blog? It's really cool and I am looking for things to improve my blog. I love to write and am trying to improve my style, but am having trouble with it because I really don't know where to go lol.